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📅 Should I Postpone Filing for Divorce Until My Child Turns 18?

Discover whether you should postpone filing for divorce until your child turns 18. Learn about the influence of a child's age on child support, custody, and visitation rights in California.

Should I Postpone Filing for Divorce Until My Child Turns 18?

Deciding to end a marriage is a significant decision that can be fraught with emotional turmoil and legal intricacies. One of the many considerations that may weigh heavily on your mind is the impact of the divorce on your children, particularly if they are close to reaching adulthood. Our interactive quiz above provides some insights into how the age of a child can influence aspects like child support, custody, and visitation rights, particularly in the state of California.

It's important to remember that every situation is unique, and the emotional impact of divorce can vary greatly from one child to another, regardless of their age. Those who have experienced a divorce often emphasize the importance of professional counseling to help children navigate the emotional distress that can accompany this life-changing event.

Legal Counsel is Crucial

While our quiz provides some general insights, it's crucial to seek legal counsel when considering divorce. A legal professional can provide personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. They can guide you through the complexities of the divorce process, from understanding who should file for divorce first to navigating the potential waiting period before filing for divorce in case of a cheating spouse.

At Divorce Jury, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance to help you navigate the complexities of divorce. Our resources include a wealth of advice from those who have been through the process themselves, such as advice for people going through a divorce and advice for friends considering divorce.

Remember, the decision to divorce is a deeply personal one, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Take the time to consider your options, seek professional advice, and make the decision that is right for you and your family.